Are you a veteran with experience of dementia and living in your own home?

Are you able to spare an hour to take part in an interview for veterans who have experience of dementia?

And how about receiving a £20 amazon (electronic) or love2shop voucher (electronic or physical) for sharing your valuable input?

A team at Manchester University need your support as they research the care and support needs of veterans living with dementia in their own homes.

Having spoken to service providers about the topic, the researchers also want input from veterans and their care partners/family members about their particular needs.

This research is funded by the Forces in Mind Trust.

Why are your views important?

– Because you are a veteran living with dementia.

– They help the team to gather information on how dementia affects you as an individual

–  The support you need generally informs what’s needed for veterans living with dementia

Can my care partner/family member share their experiences?

– Yes. Your care partner or family member is also invited to share their experience of offering you care and support

– You can choose to talk to the researcher about your needs at the same time as your care partner/family member or separately

– The researcher will help you find an arrangement that suits you best

What does the interview involve?

– You will be asked questions about your experience of living with dementia.

– You can choose to meet the researchers in person or online. And your care partner/family member can also be present.

What is the process for the interview?

– There will be discussion for around 45-60 min around your needs and required support

– With your permission, the conversation will be audio-recorded.  At your pace and for as long as you wish

– You can stop if you want to take a break or do not want to answering any more questions

It may be useful for you to keep a diary about your daily experiences of living with dementia. You will be provided with a diary if you meet the researcher in person. Or it will be sent  online if the interview is conducted on Zoom/Teams.

You can choose how often to fill this in.

How would I attend the interview in person?

– If you choose to meet in person, you will be met at your home or in a community centre, of your choice, where you might access services.

– You may choose to be dropped off by a carer/family member to attend the face-to-face interview. They do not have to be present during the interview if this is what you wish.

How do I take part in the interview?

To find out more please email either Helen Morley or Lydia Morris.

The interviews will end on the 24th April, 2024