Blesma launch Making Generation R

Following the success of the assemblies and workshops Blesma have delivered to over 50,000 young people, which see veterans tell their stories of life-changing injuries and personal struggles of overcoming adversity, they are delighted to announce the launch of our newest programme: Making Generation R Talks.

The Talks are tailored to adults in workplaces and educational centres across the UK, including First Responders and Frontline Service workers, who could benefit from learning how to improve personal resilience and overcome adversity.

Making Generation R Talks are available and free to all First Responders and Frontline Service workers, including but not limited to The NHS, Police and Fire Services, Coastline First Responders, Social Workers, Homelessness Support Workers, Healthcare Providers.

With the aim to inspire and motivate, the veteran will share their impactful and affirming experience of life-changing injury and the journey to overcoming physical devastation, mental health difficulties and loss. This will be followed by a short Q&A that is facilitated by a professional workshop facilitator.

Making Generation R Talks are a minimum of 45 minutes long, including the Q&A.

Workshops are designed to guide a group through a series of exercises that explore the types of challenges individuals may face at work or at home, how these challenges might affect them and what positive actions or helpful strategies they could personally put in place to better support themselves in the future.

Workshops can be delivered to groups of up to 30 people, and last for at least 90 minutes.

The aim of a Talk is to inspire and motivate the audience through hearing an extraordinary story of overcoming adversity from a military veteran. The audience will:

– Experience a real example of someone who has faced adversity, overcome this and gone on to live a fulfilled life
– Recognise helpful and unhelpful coping strategies in themselves and others

There is the opportunity to tailor the Q&A session to meet the needs of the audience, for example negative and positive patient experience.

Find out more about the talks, or book a session on the Blesma website.

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