Bravo 22 Company

Bravo 22 launches on the 18th January with “Have a  Brew”.  Email by 3pm on the 15th January to join in with a group cuppa. 

Following on from participant feedback some changes have been made to the upcoming season.

For instance Bravo have scheduled an extra mindfulness session to help with relaxation, especially during these challenging times.

Skills Courses now include additional project work to allow more time for you to develop your creative skills.

Guest Creative Workshops: There are more of these with extra sessions in the evening and the weekend for those with daytime commitments.

Masterclasses are a brand new format. You will be able to hone particular skills while learning with the best practitioners in the arts and theatre industries.

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There’s something for everyone and the Bravo 22 team always wants to hear your feedback.





Our COVID-19 response

During this unprecedented time, we’re still here for you 24/7.

Get in touch to find out the latest information, support and help available to you and your family.

Talk to one of our friendly advisors 24/7 on 08‍08 80‍2 12‍12.