Share your views and help improve NHS support for armed forces families in England

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Are you or a member of your family in the armed forces or used to be in the armed forces? Do you support people or families who are in or used to be in the armed forces?

The NHS armed forces families engagement team needs your support by 30th November.

Share your views on how the NHS can improve health and wellbeing support for serving, reserve and veteran families in England.

Moving during service can make it difficult to access the NHS, and can create added pressure, so the aim is to make access easier across England.

The NHS also wants those families caring for individuals injured in service to get the care and support they need from clinicians and people who understand the armed forces.

Anyone can share their views, however, the NHS is particularly keen to hear from serving, reserve and veteran families, people who are serving in or who have served in the British armed forces (regular and reserves) and organisations working with or supporting the armed forces community.

Fill in the questionnaire and return by email.

You can complete a survey via this link  until 30 November 2020.

Get in touch by email to  take part in a focus group  and if you know of others who may be interested contact Carrie Fleming.


The deadline for responding is 30 November 2020

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