Volunteers needed to test a new smartphone app for veterans

The King’s Centre for Military Health Research is looking for volunteers to try out a smartphone app designed to offer mental health support to those who have recently left or are leaving the military.

If you take part you will be paid up to £40 for your time.

If you are male, are not currently having treatment for your mental health and answer yes to the following questions, you may be eligible to take part:

  • Have you served in the armed forces for at least two years?
  • Have you left the armed forces in the last two years or are in the process of leaving (i.e. are in your last two years of service)?
  • Are you feeling stressed, low or anxious at the moment or do you have concerns about your mental health?
  • Do you own a smartphone?

For further information please email: met-vet@kcl.ac.uk

If you want to take part, please complete the online questionnaire to see if you’re eligible.

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