What’s on at Bravo 22

There’s something for everyone in Bravo 22’s “recovery through the arts” programme.

Bunting flags

First up is the launch of the Festival of Discovery:

From the Art of Chinese Fan Painting  to  Micky’s Discovery Quiz, and the favourite Discover A New Brewthere’s an incredible line up.

Tickets are going fast so check out the full line up and get booking now.

See Paradise, a new play at the National Theatre:

In this re-imagining of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, the all female cast is led by Lesley Sharp as Philoctetes. The once celebrated war hero has become an outcast on an island, and is suffering from PTSD.

Writer Kae Tempest, and director Ian Rickson, invited Bravo 22 members to share their Armed Forces experiences with the cast. And they are grateful to Matt Wightman, Darren Swift, Maurillia Simpson and Shaun Johnson for helping to shape the performance.

Book tickets for Paradise 

Skills courses:

Head over to the Bravo 22 Youtube channel to see the recent results of both painting and sketch writing courses.

For all queries and info on Bravo 22 you can visit their website or email the team directly at bravo22@thedriveproject.co.uk

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