Marking: International Day of People With Disabilities 2020

Person in wheelchair being applauded on a race track

At Veterans’ Gateway we are proud to assist disabled veterans on a daily basis.

We do this by putting veterans directly in touch with trusted partners, and high-quality resources.

On International Day Of People With Disabilities we’re sharing some hints and tips so that you can help yourself, and contact us for further help.

Begin by visiting our Self help section and browse guides on Service related illnesses. These include assistance for Gulf War veterans and information on medical discharge.

Search our Independent Living section, by location, to find information about applying for disability benefits and Personal Independence Payment.

Visit Mental wellbeing to see how to access support including PTSD partners and NHS resources.

And read inspirational veterans stories such as how an assistance dog helped one veteran with PTSD.

We know that “It’s hard to ask for help” but our team is here for you 24/7 (details at top of page). Veteran Tony says:

“I think Veterans’ Gateway is a good idea because it’s available 24-hours a day. A lot of the time, when people need help it’s in the night, especially at the weekends, and after 5 o’clock it’s hard to get hold of people. I think that’s a real strength because it means people aren’t relying on callbacks, that’s when people can lose trust.”

Our COVID-19 response

During this unprecedented time, we’re still here for you 24/7.

Get in touch to find out the latest information, support and help available to you and your family.

Talk to one of our friendly advisors 24/7 on 08‍08 80‍2 12‍12.