International Mens Day 2020

Man holding child in the sea

On International Mens Day see a selection of stories from veterans who have overcome various difficulties as they transitioned to civilian life.

Everything was falling apart. I’d applied for 100s of jobs

Take career inspiration from ex RAF serviceman Sean. He and his partner ran into financial and housing problems when Sean was made redundant. Despite applying for over 100 jobs it was only when he undertook training with the Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) that his situation improved.

I can now return to sleep which is something I could not do before she came along.

Veteran Terry suffered from recurring nightmares about his service in Northern Ireland. With the help of his assistance dog, a constant companion, he is now more able to stay in the present and remain calm.

I was determined to take charge of my own recovery

Don decided to take charge of his own mental health, after serving for 10 years in the Royal Engineers. When his GP referred him for specialist help Don got in touch with Combat Stress. He felt understood for the first time and encountered other veterans with the same issues.

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