New Cost of Living Grants Programme from the Royal British Legion



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The Royal British Legion has launched a Cost of Living Grants programme to assist those veterans, and their families, struggling to pay their energy bills.

The Veterans’ Gateway consortium partner is taking action after seeing a 20% rise in requests for support with urgent needs, such as food and household costs, over the past 12 months. It expects this rise to continue over the winter months.

The Cost of Living Grants Programme provides quick and easy assistance with everyday essentials such as kitchen appliances, clothes, and energy costs.

You are encouraged to apply even if you are receiving benefits as each case will be examined on its own merit.

If your application is successful, you may get up to £200 a month for up to 12 months. The exact amount and duration will vary depending on your circumstances. And you will only need to apply once.

In most cases you’ll get one or more of the following depending on your situation:

– Vouchers to top-up your gas or electricity prepayment metre

– A virtual credit card you can use to pay utility bills (the card would be restricted to this use)

– Vouchers for food, clothing or household items

– Replacement white goods

Please be aware as the programme has just launched it may, temporarily, take up to 3 weeks for the team to respond.

Find out more about eligibility and create a profile to access the programme