Recent MOD figures show an increase in medical discharges

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According to a recent MOD report medical discharges are on the rise.  We’ve summarised the key points for you below:

– Medical discharges for mental health conditions account for a third of all discharges but this number has risen significantly in the last 5 years from 21% to 33% in the Army, and the RAF and Navy have seen their figures increase as well.

– The groups most likely to be medically discharged are from other ranks (i.e. not Officers), women, Royal Marines, and recruits who haven’t finished training.

– Musculoskeletal conditions are the number one cause for being discharged. Hardly surprising given the physical demands of service.

– 2 in 5 personnel are discharged as a result of multiple conditions.

– 1,578 personnel alone were discharged on medical grounds between April 19 to March 20.

At Veterans’ Gateway we know that facing up to medical discharge is both mentally and physically challenging.

As well as facing the end of your military career you will need to adapt to civilian life, much earlier than expected.

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