Take part in a survey on combat injuries

Would you like to shape support services for military veterans with scars or limb loss?

Researchers at the Centre for Appearance Research are looking for veterans, who served in the British military since 1969, to take part in a survey. They need participants who have scars (anywhere on the face or the body) or limb loss because of a deployment or deployment training injury.

By learning what might be difficult, the researchers plan to make new support services for military veterans with these kinds of injuries.

Interested in taking part? Watch this video to find out what it’s like to participate:

How to fill in the questionnaire:

The questionnaire takes about 30 minutes to fill out.

At the start of the questionnaire, there will be an information sheet with details about the research. You will need to complete a consent form, then you can fill out the questionnaire. Your participation and questionnaire responses will be confidential.

The questionnaire will ask you about; your background; your injury; your thoughts and feelings about your injury; your thoughts and feelings about yourself and how you look; and, your thoughts and feelings about your mental wellbeing.

As a thank you for taking part, you can be entered into a prize draw. There are over ten chances of winning between £25 and £100 in Amazon vouchers (prizes: 1 x £100, 4x £50, 8x £25) or a donation to a charity of your choice.

If you would like a paper copy of the questionnaire or have any questions about the study, please contact the research team via email or phone 07902 246225.

You can also receive the questionnaire by email or in the post. For posted questionnaires the team will provide a return stamped addressed envelope.

Please read the participant information sheet carefully.

Take your time to decide if you would like to take part. Taking part is voluntary and we advise that you take at least 24 hours to think about it. 

Your decision will not affect your relationship with the Ministry of Defence, any health care services, charities, or research centres.

Thank you for your interest in the study.

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