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Tips to help you deal with Bonfire Night

We know that veterans can find this time of year difficult as the sight, sound and smell of fireworks can cause difficult memories.

Our friends at NHS Pennine Care have come up with some useful tips to help you this year.

– Have a plan. Have a list of things that you can do, and enjoy.

– Be aware. Covid 19 means less public displays meaning that more people will be using fireworks in their gardens.

– Filter it out. Put on or use noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs. Close your curtains and blinds.

– Connect with others. Let people you trust know it bothers you, if you can use this to build
positive association with bonfire night.

– Use your sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell to ground yourself to positive/enjoyable things. Use self talk to help with this.

– Work it out. If you feel physically activated do some body weight exercises, like press-ups, to let it out.

If you’re worried, on the night, you can also get in touch with Veterans’ Gateway friendly helpline team. They’re available 24/7 by phone, chat, text or email.

Also, use Veterans’ Gateway Mental wellbeing section for more general advice on how to live well.


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