Kate Green in the Army

Celebrate Pride Month with Army veteran Kate Green

This month we’re marking Pride by sharing the remarkable, and inspiring, story of Kate Green, an Army veteran.

When I was very little, our Primary School took us to a farm for the day. The farmer let us all sit on the tractor and we had to tell him what we wanted to be when we grew up. The girls all said “nurses”, the boys all said “farmers” and “firemen”, and I said I wanted to be a soldier. I vividly remember it. I was around five or six at the time.

Kate now works at the Royal British Legion. Prior to that she enrolled in the Army, just slightly influenced by the fact that green is her “favourite colour.”

Kate’s Army career became increasingly difficult when she was made responsible for investigating those suspected of hiding their sexuality from the Army.

Watch her amazing journey in the video below. *Spoiler*. There’s a happy ending:

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