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How to access help for operational legacy inquests or investigations

Do you need welfare support because of a legacy investigation or inquest?

Get in touch with the Army Operational Legacy Branch. Their team will provide, and co-ordinate welfare support for you.

They can also explain how to access legal advice, and how to request additional MOD support.

What deployments are included?

You can request help for previous service in: Afghanistan (Op HERRICK), Iraq (Op TELIC), Northern Ireland (Op BANNER), or any other past operational deployments.

What type of legal processes are covered?

Support covers criminal investigations under the Service Justice System (SJS), civilian criminal investigations, civil litigation, inquests, and public enquiries.

What support is available for Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel?

Get in touch by phone or email with the Army Operational Legacy Branch. You will be advised on the support available from your service area.

How to get in touch with the Army Operational Legacy Branch:

Telephone: 0300 1514039 (8am-5pm. Mon-Fri)
Mobile: 07813 007392

Postal Address:
Army Operational Legacy Branch
Army Personnel Services Group
Ramillies Building
Army Headquarters
Monxton Road
SP11 8HJ

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