Inspirational veteran awarded medal for helping children with their reading skills

Veteran Peter Davies, has been awarded the British Empire Medal at the primary school where he helps children develop their reading skills.

Watch this video from BBC Breakfast to see how he brings joy to all the children he encounters. And how his own life has been enriched since the death of his wife.

Part of the Community

“Mr Davies, who served in the Army Air Corps, said he loved watching children’s confidence grow.”

“The kids are great – they are like sponges,” he said.

“I’m sure I get more out of it than the children do. It is a lovely, warm feeling [that] I belong.

“I’m not this old man who lives on his own. I’m part of the community, which is great.”

“Plus my street cred is tremendous because I’ll be going anywhere in the village and a child will shout out ‘Hello Mr Davies’ and I feel 10 feet tall.”

School is the centre of my world these days

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