Coaching sessions offered to Launchpad residents

Lucky Liverpool residents from Launchpad’s Speke House have recently been treated to a personal development programme.

Personal coaches from the John Haynes Foundation have been supporting residents via the ‘Your Future Self’ course.

This course helps veterans as they transition to living independently. And in addition to navigating challenges the course attendees are inspired to achieve personal goals and ambitions.

Your Future Self

The programme, sponsored by Robertson Construction, consisted of an introductory session. This was followed by four 2-hour sessions focussing on essential topics such as self-limiting beliefs, confidence building, resilience and goal setting.

The programme was delivered by Sarah-Louise McCartney, a coach for the John Haynes Foundation and also a Launchpad Trustee. She brought the two organisations together:

Coaching programmes like the ‘Your Future Self’ course play a vital role in enhancing self-awareness, decision-making skills, self-esteem, and communication abilities. By providing residents with valuable tools and resources, Launchpad and the John Haynes Foundation are committed to helping individuals grow and succeed in all areas of their lives.

Those who attended have reported that they are feeling empowered to unlock their potential and achieve personal and professional growth. On completion of the course veterans were presented with certificates of completion and achievement.

Residents displaying their course certificates

Feedback from the sessions

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many veterans expressing appreciation for the insights gained and the impact on their personal growth journey.

Comments from residents including ‘I thought the programme was fantastic’ and ‘very insightful into what we could do and what was achievable’ reflected the programme’s effectiveness in empowering individuals to take charge of their futures.

In particular one resident thought the programme had ‘been helpful, through a difficult time.’

Sam Jackson, Manager at Speke House shared: Feedback from residents who attended the course has been really positive and it’s pleasing to see the impact a course like this can have on individuals. Our three core pillars of support to each resident living at the house focus on mental health & wellbeing, employment and move on. This course has provided them with the strategies to navigate some of the challenges they encounter and how to reset their mindset and think about their future goals and aspirations. It’s been a really worthwhile course for them.

Last year, Launchpad’s Speke House provided accommodation and support to 81 veterans. On average, over the last five years, 56% of veterans supported by Speke House have successfully moved on and 28% left in paid employment.