Service Complaints Ombudsman: the alternative route to making a complaint

The position of Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces (SCOAF) was created in 2015 to offer an alternative process for making a formal complaint to service personnel who wish to make a complaint, but feel uncomfortable approaching the chain of command with allegations. The Ombudsman also produces an annual report on the fairness, efficiency and effectiveness of the service complaints system.

The Ombudsman can refer your intention to make a service complaint to your chain of command and offer you guidance and support throughout the complaints process.

For more information visit the SCOAF website.

In her first interview since being appointed SCOAF, Mariette Hughes spoke to Forces News about her new role and the issues in the service complaints system.

Ms Hughes said that “delays” and the “levels of trust and confidence that service personnel have” in the system are of “most concern”, and identified one of her key priorities as: “Raising awareness of my office throughout the armed forces so that more people know what the Ombudsman is and know what we’re for.”

Watch the full interview here.