Update: Local Support on Veterans’ Gateway

2nd November, 2022: Veterans’ Gateway Local Support is undergoing maintenance:

Due to essential maintenance on we have removed access to a specific map via Veterans’ Gateway Local Support.

This also means that the Veterans’ Gateway App is no longer available.

Expert local information for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is still available via the Local support link and by selecting one of the above locations. Search through our welfare categories, from mental wellbeing to housing, finances and more.

Some direct links to our supporters:-

 – Veterans’ Gateway Referral Partners
Veterans’ Gateway Information Organisations

How can I support Veterans’ Gateway?

Whilst technical work is undergoing we would appreciate applicants holding off on new applications. This is to ensure we continue to list partners in the most relevant section on Veterans’ Gateway.

If your organisation was previously listed on the Local Support map you don’t need to take any further action at this time.

We will update you with any changes to the above.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Veterans’ Gateway Team.