Using Veterans’ Gateway Self help section during the pandemic


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Are you keen to explore our site before contacting our 24/7 helpline? Here’s how you can do some self research.

The self-help section on Veterans’ Gateway  covers all your welfare needs, including housing, employment, finances, and much more. 

Please note that you can find the most relevant information for your area by selecting “your location” (text beside the search box)

Are you concerned about your mental wellbeing?

If self-isolation and the Covid-19 news cycle is causing you stress, there is a wealth of resources on Veterans’ Gateway to help with your mental wellbeing such as accessing support and bereavement.

And find out more about the type of support you can also get from the government including its full response on the GOV.UK website

Do you need support from other veterans?

Read our inspiring Veterans’ Stories and find out more about the bravery of ex-service colleagues. You’ll also see how they’ve adapted to life on civvy street.  

Are you interested, for instance, on starting your own business? How have  other veterans have coped with finding employment and housing?

Do you need to travel across England?

If you need to travel to a job interview, or for some other acceptable reason see our guide for the Veterans’ Railcard.

It tells you everything you need to know about discounted travel for veterans, including who is eligible for the card, how you can apply for the railcard, and where you can use it. 

For those not based in England the guide also includes contact details for travel in the rest of the UK.

See Veterans’ Gateway bulletins and news for the latest information around events and veteran related news.

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Our COVID-19 response

During this unprecedented time, we’re still here for you 24/7.

Get in touch to find out the latest information, support and help available to you and your family.

Talk to one of our friendly advisors 24/7 on 08‍08 80‍2 12‍12.