Veterans benefit from The Poppy Factory’s employment service during cost-of-living crisis

During this cost-of-living crisis, many people in the ex-Forces community are under financial pressure and not currently in work. For those with mental or physical health conditions, it can be even harder to see a way through.

But, Veterans, with health conditions who are worried about their finances, can get help from The Poppy Factory as they take steps towards employment.

The Poppy Factory offers one-to-one support for the ex-Forces community, with  Employment Consultants based regionally across England and Wales.

As well as offering guidance on job searches, CVs, interviews and training, Employment Consultants can support with funding applications to cover training and equipment. They can also help veterans complete financial and benefits assessments and guide them towards specialist support from other organisations.

Debbie Boughtflower, Director of Operations at The Poppy Factory, said, “every step forward is a step towards greater stability, improved health and wellbeing and a brighter financial future.”

Four in every five of those supported by The Poppy Factory live with a mental health condition and one in two has a physical health issue. But the charity is there; they help hundreds of veterans transform their lives by moving into new jobs each year and hundreds more to make significant progress towards employment, regardless of the challenges they face.

Great progress is already being seen. Regular check-ins with veterans showed that 64 per cent of those who used the employment service last year reported improved health and well-being, while 60 per cent said they had increased stability.

Tony Scott, a veteran of the RAF Regiment who was supported into employment as an HGV driver, shared,

I had a bit of a wobble during the process of being supported, and Christina, my Employment Consultant, tuned in to that very quickly and encouraged me to get the help I needed. I felt that I was being looked after.

To find out about The Poppy Factory’s employment service or to register for support, visit