Visa fees scrapped for Non-UK Service Personnel

At present, if you are overseas personnel, and wish to settle in the UK after service, you need to pay the full fee of £2,389 for indefinite leave.

Following on from a public consultation the UK government has decided to waive this fee. And the new policy is expected to come into effect this Spring.

Applicants will need to have served for at at least 6 years. Or have been discharged with an illness or injury as a result of their service.

The fee waiver also applies to eligible veterans living in the UK, who have not already regularised their immigration status.

The news will be welcome to over 9,000 non-UK citizens serving in the UK armed forces, from countries around the world.

Many of these may consider applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK when their service ends.

Current support includes working with the Joining Forces Credit Union. This offers financial advice, savings packages and loans to help personnel pay for visa costs.

See more information about the Government’s response to the public consultation.