Access a handy poster that helps support patient discharge

Do you need help with the effective discharge of patients who are members of the Armed Forces Community?

The Veterans Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA) has been investigating ways to assist with this process after receiving feedback from those working in healthcare.

The team have come up with a poster which provides information to patients in a fast and effective manner. It can be kept in a back pocket or thrown in the drawer of a nurse’s station. It can also be used in ambulances, where a patient may not need emergency care, but may need support in the community.

So far the poster has also been downloaded by local authorities, and by the police, as it is useful to have when out in the community.

The poster is available to anyone who needs it, including veterans. And it raises awareness of the services provided by the third sector for the Armed Forces community. 

At the moment there are nine QR codes on the poster. Website links are also included for those unfamiliar with using QR codes.

The VCHA hopes to encourage the service user to access sites, such as Veterans Gateway. And to research organisations and programmes that are the most appropriate and relevant to them. 

Team lead, Lt Col (Retd) Guy Benson, said:

This is a quick and easy way of ​signposting members of the Armed ​Forces community, but who might need some help in the community​, and to aid them in their recovery. We would urge ambulance crews​, and paramedics​, and first responders, in particular to take copies ​out with them. ​The Armed Forces charity sector is diverse, and offers many services, specific to needs of their users. This QR code poster may help to encourage veterans and their families to not only receive the support they so rightfully deserve, but to support service providers make the right referral, the first time.

If you have any questions about the poster please get in touch by email.