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Bravo 22 Company – What’s happening

It’s the season wrap!  Before the Bravo 22 team signs off on Friday 6th August there’s plenty for you to…

What’s on at Bravo 22

There’s something for everyone in Bravo 22’s “recovery through the arts” programme. First up is the launch of the Festival…

Help us to improve employment outcomes for veterans

We urgently need your input. Can you spare  15-20 mins please, to share your experiences of employment after service? RFEA – the Forces Employment Charity  and  QinetiQ, Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER),

Forces Pension Society helps those who have unclaimed pensions

Did you know that since 2017, Forces Pension Society has dealt with more than 6,000 enquiries from Veterans and their…

Train tracks in Solihull

New railcard for veterans

Captain Sir Tom Moore is presented with the very first new Veterans’ Railcard which has launched today. See our self help guide on how you can get…

Take the military emoji quiz!

Love or loathe them, these colourful characters have become commonplace when it comes to communication. Before these little yellow faces…

Your guide to ‘fitting in’ with civvies after leaving the Forces

Here’s a mix of Do’s and Dont’s to help you fit right back in…

Watch: Army Sergeant Major Gav Paton is interviewed by the creator of Fill Your Boots

Army Sergeant Major Gav Paton is interviewed by the creator of Fill Your Boots

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