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Bravo 22 is back

The days may be getting shorter but Bravo seasons are getting longer. And there are many exciting events up for grabs until February 2024.

All events are open to the entire military community, current serving and ex-service personnel, spouses, widows and widowers and children (age 18+). Bravo 22 does reserve a few slots for new members.

Season round-up

September 2023 - 2024 season launch graphic

Season detail

Rehearsing a script 

Rehearsing a script with Matt Harrison graphic

Meet and Greet Monday 23rd October at 11:00am and a Reflection Session Monday 6th November at 11:00am – on zoom

Explore taking a piece from page to stage during this 3 day workshop. During a condensed, professional rehearsal process you’ll look at how to break down text, the world the writer has created and the people who fill it. And start understanding and creating these characters.

This is a full on course sharing practical exercises to improve confidence and sharpen skills around dealing with scripts.

Meditative Mandalas
Meditative Mandalas with Tamsin Cunningham graphic

You may think, “I can’t draw” and you may wonder “Can I do this?” and this is where the magic begins.

Join Tamsin, a visual artist, in this meditative and colourful workshop learning to make mandalas.

Mandala is an art form from Asian cultures, using repeated patterns, shapes and colours. Each mandala has its own design and energy. Having been introduced to simple mark-making, shapes and patterns you will be amazed at how the mandala evolves and draws you in.

You can release any anxiety around creating a finished artwork and relax into the process of repeated small actions. This is mindfulness in action. A meditation and the ultimate doodle.

Intro to comedy
Intro to comedy with Angie Belcher graphic

This fun introductory class explores different types of comedy and will help you to find your inner comedian.

Award-winning comedian Angie Belcher, a comedy pioneer, leads on writing your story and drawing on your own experiences to put into comedy.

The course uses practical exercises, writing games, psychological theories, and solo writing time to help you write and perform with the gravitas of a pro.

Sketching imagined histories

Sketching imagined histories with Gary Scribbler. Graphic image

Illustrator & animator, Gary Scribbler inspires individuals to learn sketching techniques to create imagined histories with an inspired visit to the British Museum.

You’ll being by sketching imagined histories by engaging with the collection. Gary will be alongside to give tips and techniques in creating a few small scale drawings of real and imagined worlds.

The next two days will transition to an art studio, where members will use the small live sketches to create larger narrative historical sketches using pencil, charcoal, and watercolour.

Writing for the stage

Writing for the stage with Tom Brennan. Graphic image.

Award Winning director, playwright, filmmaker and actor, Tom Brennan leads on improving your writing skills. .take us through this course.

Tom will introduce a few key principles of writing for the stage including character, conflict, style and the basics of narrative structure.

As well as your own writing, you’ll unpack scenes from classic drama to simplify the playwriting process.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a greater understanding of the mechanics of drama and feel more confident about writing for the stage.

Engineering forms and sculpture in wire
Engineering forms and sculpture in wire with Roger Russell. Graphic.

In February, 2024, the new year Roger Russell, an artist, engineer, welder/fabricator, and a dreamer, is going to combine these skills. He’ll be teaching techniques to create very precise wire and steel sculptures.

After a short safety briefing on use of the soldering iron and the rest of the tools, Roger will demonstrate how to shape each wire in the sculpture.

Roger creates fairies, insects, animals and mystical beings using wire. And during the workshop  will lead on creating a small sculpture of a robin.

You’ll be using 1mm tinned copper wire, a soldering iron, lead free solder, pliers, cutters, and magnets to bend, mould and solder the robin sculpture together.

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