Bulletins - Training

Do you want to work in the construction sector?

The charity Building Heroes is offering Construction Skills Bootcamps for those wanting to work in the industry. You will need…

Bravo 22 is back. What’s on.

This season members will be able to register for one of the following three options. Priority booking will be given…

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Train tracks in Solihull

New railcard for veterans

Captain Sir Tom Moore is presented with the very first new Veterans’ Railcard which has launched today. See our self help guide on how you can get…

Are you a veteran and struggling to find a job?

“We know that if you fix employment, then housing, finance, relationships, health – pretty much every other aspect of successful…

Apply for your free Defence Privilege Card via Veterans’ Gateway

Thanks to a partnership between Veterans’ Gateway and the Defence Discount Service (DDS) veterans can apply for a free Defence Privilege…

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