How to contact Shelter with your housing or homelessness issue

Shelter’s website for England provides a wealth of information under its ‘Housing Advice’ menu. And the information in this piece refers to those residing in England.

To find information around the UK there are direct links to Shelter in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales at the bottom of this bulletin.

Housing Advice topics

Benefits and money problems
Council housing
Mortgage repossession
Private renting
Tenancy deposits

There are also handy tools and letter templates to help you follow up actions.

 Shelter’s housing experts are continuously reviewing this information and creating new content to meet the needs of our advice seekers.

One to one advice

Need to speak to someone? Use the webchat function to speak to an advisor in real-time.

Emergency helpline

The free helpline is in high demand and should only be used in a last resort in situations such as:

– You are about to be made homeless

– You have nowhere to sleep tonight

– You are at risk of harm and abuse in your home

You can also find the answers online so you’re advised to try that option first.

Shelter across the UK

Northern Ireland