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New digital verification service for HM Armed Forces Veteran Card

As we make continued progress towards the introduction of the HM Armed Forces Veteran Card the latest update includes the new digital verification service.

Aims of HM Armed Forces Veteran Card

The card will enable veterans to quickly prove their status. This means easier access to support from government, charities, local authorities, and other organisations.

The new verification service

This will include the following:
– Online applications via GOV.UK
– Identity checks using GOV.UK’s new One Login service
– Automated service checking to confirm veteran status. This will include most applications that use MOD service records databases
– The increase of the MOD’s secure card printing capacity using a new high-capacity card printing machine. This will help to quickly deal with expected applications

The roll-out of the new service

To avoid confusion the service will be rolled out according to service years.

Delivery of the service

As this is a major project it has needed input from Defence Digital and Government Digital Service (GDS) experts.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Office for Veterans’ Affairs (OVA) are jointly delivering the service as part of ongoing improvements in veterans’ support.

The MOD will deliver the service from now on.

The latest updates

Thousands of HM Armed Forces Veteran Cards to be rolled out in 2023 – Veterans’ Gateway (