Forces Employment Charity launch new podcast

Forces Employment Charity The Podcast

Forces Employment Charity have launched a new podcast that focuses on the importance of resilience, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit that defines our military community.

The podcast series will explore the incredible stories, insights, and resources that empower service leavers, veterans, reservists, and their families in their quest for meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

The inaugural episode is titled, ‘Keeping Motivated on the Job Hunt’ and features Forces Employment CEO, Alistair Halliday, and Veterans Support Employment Manager, Kevin Grist.

Alistair Halliday shared:

What are people after in an interview? Firstly, can you do the job? Secondly, do you want the job? And third, will you fit in? Understanding the culture and environment of the organisation you are looking to go into is very important. For employers, it is a different message. This is an amazing talent pool of individuals; you don’t have to feel sorry for them. It is not about welfare or corporate social responsibility; it is just good business, and it is good for the bottom line. If you have Service leavers and veterans come into your organisation, they are going to show all these skills, be resilient, be great team players, and they are going to deliver when you need it or when you least expect it.