The Vulnerability Registration Service

The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) is an initiative to help vulnerable consumers protect themselves against hardship because of debt or personal circumstances.

The VRS provide a ‘decision agnostic’ platform to help support creditors and other user organisations to share information on consumers in potentially vulnerable circumstances. The VRS provides a single reference point, for consumers and organisations participating in the VRS, enabling an individual’s vulnerability issues to be handled sensitively and professionally.

The VRS is a platform providing vulnerable consumers with a single reference point for recording their personal circumstances at a given point in time when they are looking to protect themselves against further debt, or where their wellbeing may not allow them to make reasonable decisions. The VRS will provide users with a single reference point for checking whether any new applicant, or existing customer looking for additional credit or financial facilities, may have self-registered – either directly with the VRS or via another creditor – and wished to protect themselves at a time when they consider they are in a vulnerable personal or financial position. The VRS also has an application in existing customer relationships, such as in managing arrears and collections, and employing the most appropriate strategies for a particular consumer’s wellbeing.

If you consider yourself, or someone you know, to be vulnerable, registering with the VRS may help when dealing with creditors and other organisations.