Get help with heating costs

As the cost of living rises make sure you’re claiming all available discounts for your heating.

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Contact The British Gas Energy Trust. This aims to remove the burden of debt from vulnerable individuals. And can provide grants to help with various bills and debts.

Check out Veterans’ Gateway guides for the E.ON Energy Fund if you’re based in England, Wales or Scotland. As well as accessing help with current and final bills you may be eligible for other household grants.

Living in Northern Ireland? For help with managing your heating bills, energy efficiency, and more, contact NI Energy Advice via this form.

Are you getting the Winter Fuel Payment? If you were born on, or before, 26 September 1955 you should automatically be entitled to £100 to £300 to help with your heating costs. The money is usually paid out between November and December. And you should have received it by January 14th, 2022. If not, you may need to claim. See eligibility criteria or call 03459 15 15 15.

If you don’t receive the Winter Fuel Payment you may qualify for a Cold Weather Payment. This also depends on you meeting certain benefits criteria, and getting support for mortgage interest. You can also quickly check if this is available in your postcode area and call the same telephone number as above.

There’s also the Affordable Warmth Guide. This can help with insulation and heating costs. Find out more about eligibility criteria or call the Energy Saving Advice service on 0300 123 1234.

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