Veterans' Stories

Read heart-warming stories from veterans and their families.

“I feel like I have my independence back”

Maria was 18 when she joined the Women’s Royal Army as a Private. She moved up the ranks to become…

Family Fund – Erin and Emma’s story

Two-year-old Erin lives in the North East with her parents and her little sister. Her mum, Emma, said “Erin is…

“As soon as you feel like pushing yourself forward, you should just go for it”

Nerys always wanted to be in the military and joined the British Army as a Combat Paramedic in 2004. She…

“It’s hard to ask for the help”

After leaving the Army Tony Stubbs suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and found it difficult to find help. He tells us why it is hard for veterans for ask for help, and why a 24-hour support service is so important for people suffering from mental health issues.