Melanie who now works from home for BAE - Spousal employment support

Spousal employment support for families transitioning

Did you have a career break to support your partner whilst they were serving but now want to get back into employment on Civvy Street?

Recruit for Spouses (RFS) helps partners to access the workplace in many ways whether it’s upskilling through digital workshops, or to increase a spouse’s confidence through a one to one coaching session. It has created a role that spouses can do from home, a job around the restraints of a serving partner or veteran and most importantly, a job that empowers them, working for some of the worlds’ largest companies.

It is a springboard to a career that may have been lost whilst they ‘followed the flag’ with the focus on having a regular income that could pay for a down payment on a mortgage or help the family with transition to civilian life a lot easier.

Helena who is married to a medically discharged Royal Marine veteran works on the Liquid workforce and said, “It’s incredible being paid to work from home, the work is hard but so rewarding and with money comes freedom, the stress is off us as a family and we can do more at weekends, I really enjoy it and it has made life a lot easier for us as a family after leaving the Services.”

Melanie started to plan early as soon as she knew her family was going to be leaving the Forces, “I haven’t worked for many years and I had almost given up until I came across RFS and they put me on the Liquid workforce program and now I am working from home for BAE Systems I feel so lucky.”

Melanie who now works from home for BAE

Melanie, who now works from home for BAE Systems

Once you have passed the first stage interview with the RFS team, you will be invited to attend one week’s training in Bracknell, Berkshire. As part of the training, you also receive a free consultation with the charity Smart Works, who provide a two-hour dressing and coaching service for unemployed women with confirmed job interviews.

Each spouse has a personalised styling session with two Smart Works volunteer stylists, receiving a complete outfit of high-quality clothes and accessories for their specific job interview, which is free and hers to keep. They make sure that their clients look fabulous, feel confident and have everything they need, from a winter coat to a pair of tights.

After their dressing, each client receives a one-to-one interview preparation and coaching session with an experienced HR professional or senior manager. The interview session focuses on increasing the awareness of her own strengths, answering questions effectively and understanding what is expected of her at interview.

Once a spouse is successful at the interview, they are welcomed back for a Second Dressing to receive five additional pieces of clothing. This means that they can start their new role with a capsule working wardrobe which will see them through until their first paycheque.

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